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Life Coaching Client Testimonials

                     Eva has been such a fundamental part of both my growth and healing process. Since I've known her and have been                           coached by her, she has stood by me and given me the tools necessary to tackle any daily obstacles I face. Through                       her guidance I have become more confident in so many aspects of my life including social scenarios, school and family matters. Eva cares about me the same way she cares about herself, and makes sure that she has helped me to the fullest extent possible. She goes far above and beyond her job description to make sure that I am comfortable and competent in every situation and that I have been helped. I can genuinely think of no one else I would share my deepest fears, heartaches, and secrets with because I know that with Eva everything has a rational and logical solution. She has helped me see a multitude of perspectives on issues near to my heart, and because of her I have restored empathy, energy, and happiness. I look forward to talking to her because every single one of our conversations has a purpose, a destination, and a resolution. Our conversations end with resolution, solution and triumph. Her individual coaching sessions have been such a blessing and I am blessed to know someone as selfless as Eva."                                                                                                             -M.

                      I discovered the invaluable rewards of therapy in my mid 30's and I participated in hundreds of hours of therapy with                             numerous therapists over the years since then. At age 55 I again reached out to find a professional. I found Eva's

                   coaching, which was refreshingly different than what I was used to, and began working with her to figure out where those behaviors came from and to replace them with more functional thoughts and behavioral responses. 


After working with psychology and therapy for so many years long ago, when I seek out a professional they must have the ability to dig right in and work fast with me. The level of expertise and brilliant intuition to immediately see what I am seeing about my behavior, quickly trace it back to its roots in my childhood, identify any additional reinforcements occurring since childhood and define the full breadth and scope of its effects in my current life, is hard to find. Equally important to me is the courage to tell me what I need to hear and, at my request and with my express permission, the courage to "call me out on my crap" when I need it because I can be quite stubborn!


Eva's expert skills and my commitment to change are why I now enjoy a completely different and so much more enjoyable life today! Thank you, Eva!!"                                                                           -A.

                      I was 24 and had just moved from Dallas to LA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Eva helped me                                   adjust to a new chapter in my life. She worked with me to land a new job by improving my interview skills, resume,                              and cover letter, while setting attainable short-term and long-term career goals. She also helped me branch out to find new activities, hobbies, and friends in a new city. After working with Eva, I gained confidence in all aspects of my life, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personable, professional life coach!”


                     I always enjoy working with Eva because she really understands and focuses on improving my weak areas. I feel                                very comfortable working with her, and I know she is someone I can trust. She has successfully guided me in both                            educational and personal matters."                                        -G.

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